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10 Reasons Why I Love Prestonfield House Hotel

Prestonfield in Edinburgh might be my favourite hotel so far this year: it has that ever elusive “wow” factor that so many of the ...


Copenhagen Snapshots

A few photographs from yet another beautiful Scandinavian city (click here for my recent post about Oslo).  It always amazes me just ...


Top Picks for Istanbul (Plus a Photo Diary)

Istanbul is a city that requires great reserves of energy from the very start of your visit. It is an ancient city - it was ...


Fiona Lam, Doctor

Fiona Lam is a radiologist in London. She is originally from Hong Kong. Fiona and I have been best friends for thirteen years. Tell me about your first time abroad My first time abroad that I can consciously remember was going to the Philippines at the age of seven or eight. My father was in ...


Heybeliada: Istanbul’s Charming Getaway Destination

Sometimes I do not do enough research about places that I visit, since the spontaneity aspect of the trip is somewhat very exciting! Consequently, this particular time I did not realise that our Istanbul visit coincided with three days of Ramadan Bayram, meaning that on the first day of that holiday ...


Tibet: The Place Closest to Heaven

This post has been published in collaboration with one of my best friends,  Fiona Lam. "I went to Tibet this summer, a place I have always wanted to visit… Tibet is a truly sublime part of the world; I cannot think of a more special place that I have visited in the past! In Chinese we call it ...

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Review: Artist Residence, Brighton

I knew I was going to like my hotel in Brighton (full Bright post here), as soon as I saw the door painted the loveliest shade of pale pink with THE ARTIST RESIDENCE written above it. The building itself was otherwise undistinguishable from others surrounding the historical Regency ...