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Top 10 Meals From Around the World

I travel to eat.  Yes, I just said it... Sampling different local foods is a major aspect of immersing yourself into a foreign ...


Lost in Louisiana

Exploring Louisiana has been a dream for a few years now, not only due to its rich history full of fascinating blend of both ...


Top Things to Do in Edinburgh

In this post, I would like to share with you my second favourite city in the UK after London, Edinburgh; it was stop number one of my ...

Crosby Street hotel does have the most amazing large windows...

Missing New York City Already…

Just came back home from New York and missing it like crazy already... It is the city I like best in the whole wide world; my eight visits (so far) attest to the fact that I am completely head over hills in love with it! I am currently working on my mini guide to Manhattan; in the meantime, just ...


Postcards from New Orleans

Back in New York and online after six very hot days in New Orleans and its environs: Louisiana has been a dream destination for many a year, and I have finally made it there last week! I still cannot decide what to make of the whole experience... Stay tuned for a long post!!! On a different note, ...


Fun Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a perfect city break destination... Nowadays, Copenhagen is one of the most exciting cities in Europe; it is also one of the most prosperous, known for its rich history, innovative design and culinary achievements. I went to Copenhagen on a very impromptu trip back in August, and I am ...


September Was For Scotland

This September was dedicated to exploring Scotland; it is funny how often we overlook places that are so close to our homes, instead deciding to fly far across seas and oceans! I have been drawn to Scotland for years, but I never made it further than Edinburgh and St Andrews, instead choosing to ...