Vienna Revisited

_dsc9257A photo diary from a fleeting visit to Vienna last month…

Vienna remains one of my favourite cities in Europe, with its proliferation of world-class art and grand ornate architecture. Relatively small in size, it is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway!

(I have written about Vienna previously and you can read my mini guide to Vienna here)

_dsc9075-copyBelvedere Palace_dsc9078-copy_dsc8973-copy_dsc8932-copyMy bedroom at Sans Souci Hotel_dsc8961-copy_dsc9051-copy_dsc9313-copy_dsc9335-copy_dsc9231_dsc9309-copyApple Strudel at Demel 
_dsc9459-copy _dsc9045-copyAi Wei Wei installation at Belvedere Palace
_dsc9157-copy_dsc9125-copyFavourite Egon Schiele painting at Leopold Museum_dsc9191-copyOysters at Umarfisch _dsc9195Secession Building_dsc9468-copy_dsc9344-copy_dsc9245-copy_dsc9082-copyKarlskirche_dsc9090-copyLobby at Sans Souci Hotel_dsc9501Desserts at Cafe Sperl
_dsc9233-copy_dsc9365-copy_dsc8947-copy_dsc9491-copy_dsc9183-copyDelicious octopus at Umarfisch _dsc9072-copy _dsc9106-copyOne of five courses at Meierei Am Stadtpark_dsc9168-copyLeopold Museum 
_dsc9197-copy _dsc9318-copy _dsc9351-copyInside Albertina Museum
_dsc9375-copy _dsc9407-copy _dsc9462-copy_dsc9423-copy_dsc9454-copy_dsc9043-copy _dsc8984-copyHubert Scheblt exhibition at Belvedere
_dsc9288-copy Backstage at Demel

2 responses to “Vienna Revisited”

  1. Saskia says:

    Great pics!!!!

  2. Jagabond says:

    I was just there for the holidays…the Christmas markets are amazing!

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