Carnival in Verona

_DSC2889 copyWhen I hopped over to Verona at the beginning of February for a long weekend, I was very lucky to stumble across carnival celebrations as we made our way into the city on the first day… What a joyous afternoon filled with colour, confetti, costumes, masks and music!_DSC3034 copyCarnival in Italy (or “Carnevale”) is a huge winter festival taking place in February complete with parades, costumes, masks and parties. Nowadays, Carnival is as popular now as it was centuries ago, with countless people both partaking in and watching the festivities! I am sure you have heard of the famous carnival in Venice dating back to the 13th century. However, Carnevale is celebrated throughout all of the country, with each city adding its own personal touch to the traditional party.
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I first came to Verona a few years ago to attend the world-famous Opera Festival taking place in the city’s grand Arena – a 1st-century Roman amphitheatre hosting concerts to this day – every August. For some mysterious reason, I somehow felt at home, a feeling I never had in any other Italian city. (You can see the full opera festival programme and book tickets here)

Verona is situated in northern Italy’s Veneto region, and is perhaps most famous for being the backdrop for Shakespeare’s tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, “Romeo and Juliet”. There is a house said to have Juliet’s balcony – and nowadays it is Verona’s most popular tourist attraction – even though the building’s connection to Shakerspeare’s masterpiece is unfortunately fictional.

Verona is a perfect for a short and romantic break. The city is postcard-pretty with splendid food (horse meat is a local speciality!) and wine (Verona is located in the heart of the Valpolicella region). Definitely worth considering as your next destination. 🙂

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3 responses to “Carnival in Verona”

  1. Isabel says:

    Love your pictures! You captured all the colors and happiness that come with carnivals!

  2. Jagabond says:

    Verona is a nice city. I was there over Valentine’s day weekend, and Juliet’s house was charging only 1 euro for entry…as you can imagine it was VERY crowded!

  3. Erica says:

    Oh it looks like so much fun! Hope you had a lovely time in Verona 🙂


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