Top 10 Meals From Around the World


I travel to eat. 

Yes, I just said it… Sampling different local foods is a major aspect of immersing yourself into a foreign culture, be it either fine-dining or home cooking! I am slightly obsessed with trying different restaurants, food markets and cafes in all the places that I visit around the world, and I never forget an excellent meal.

Here is a list of my top 10 memorable meals from my recent travels. I could easily compile a list of fifty meals, but I decided to be strict and stick to a short ten!

Top 10 Meals From Around the World…


1. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, Copenhagen

This restaurant was the setting of my favourite meal of 2014 so far. Just everything about our dinner was perfect; the tranquil setting in the royal gardens, the absolutely gorgeous décor ( I always fall for chandeliers); friendly, unhurried service; delicious, creative food; excellent and generous wine pairing. In summertime, before you start your tasting menu, you can sit in the garden outside, nibbling on little snacks – at least seven different ones- and sipping champagne, thus working up your appetite. Definitely a meal I am unlikely to forget!

2. Kyo Ya, New York

Kyo Ya, located in Manhattan’s cool East Village, is currently my favourite restaurant in New York. Japanese cuisine is so exciting, unusual and fresh, and full of ingredients that I absolutely love (think ultra fresh sea urchin, salmon roe, home-made tofu, bamboo shoots, and an assortment of other yummy exotic ingredients).  Dinner here is the best authentic Japanese meal that I have had outside of Japan.

Applepie at Winkel 43

Applepie at Winkel 43

3. Winkel 43, Amsterdam

I LOVE apple pies, and Winkel 43 serves the best apple pie I have ever tasted in my life! Just the perfect amount of sweetness, the satisfying crunch, and the refreshing tanginess apples. It is so scrummy, I could easily eat a couple of slices, washed down with a black coffee as my (second) lunch!

4. Café Pushkin, Moscow

Café Pushkin is my number one restaurant in the world; I come here for family dinner every time I visit my parents in Moscow! This fine-dining restaurant, located in central Moscow, serves delicious Russian food: my favourite dishes include Uha (fish soup served with pirogi (little pies) filled with salmon, accompanied with a shot of ginger vodka), buckwheat blinis with salmon roe, perfectly tender roast lamb, and some of the best desserts in the city from their in-house patisserie. The 19th century “library”-inspired decor decor adds a real touch of elegance.


Fish Market in Istanbul

5. Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating the freshest sea urchin, fatty tuna and salmon roe at 7am in the morning. This fish market might be the best breakfast spot from all my travels. I can easily have two or three breakfasts here.


Juicy lobsters at Lobster Place in Chelsea Market

6. Lobster Place (New York)

Lobster Place in Chelsea Market is the epitome of my food paradise;  I have eaten there on a number of occasions, but I find it absolutely impossible to tire of seafood! Here, you will find a fantastic assortment of East Coast oysters; freshly steamed Maine lobsters; a sushi counter serving some of the best sushi to be found in Manhattan ( my favourite was the sea urchin with duck egg yolk); and a huge fishmonger with the most a wonderful range of seafood all in one place. Like I said, impossible to get tired of this place!

Image 17

The most delicious fish and vegetable stew in Papua New Guinea

7. Papua New Guinea

This meal consisted of a home-made stew in a small island village in Papua New Guinea. The local women, happy and zealous to share their culture, prepared for us the most wonderful stew consisting of tender white fish, a variety of delicious root vegetables (yams, sweet potatoes, cassava), all cooked to perfect tenderness in fresh coconut milk.

8. Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

I came to Rockpool Bar&Grill to celebrate International Woman’s day back in March whilst staying in Sydney. This restaurant serves fantastic Sydney rock oysters, the most tender grass-fed Australian Steak that melts in your mouth and has an encyclopaedia of a wine list, some bottles costing as much as the best of cars…


9. Café Beignet, New Orleans

If I am going to get fat, I might as well get fat eating delicious beignets (deep fried choux-paste covered in a mountain of powdered sugar:yum!). Cafe Beignet serves the best beignets in New Orleans; I even prefer this place to the world famous institution of Cafe du Monde….  And I do not even like anything deep-fried as a rule.

10. Rozario Restaurant, Dubrovnik

Rozario is so far this year’s favourite lunch spot! I had the most delicious solo lunch here consisting of local oysters, perfectly battered calamari, and  the tradition fish stew (bordetto), served over polenta. I was in a food coma for the rest of the afternoon…


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  1. JLu says:

    Thos pickles and that crayfish!!!!!

  2. Vera says:

    Oh, I love traveling to try food from all around the world too! So. Many. Great. Things.
    With love,

  3. MIchèle says:

    Well, thanks for making me terribly hungry!

  4. Andrea says:

    Going to have to try these places out! Especially the cafe in Dubrovnik next summer!

  5. Nice food!

    You look so hungry 🙂
    Like intention with travel.

  6. Shannon says:

    Thanks for all the food tips in NYC. I just moved there and am looking for some great places to try!

  7. Olga L. says:

    Travel to food is so great and who cares about some extra kilos, right?)))
    And thank you btw, now i am starving))))

  8. Kay and Way says:

    So jel! I dont know how you find the time and money to travel so much. Those beignets look delicious! Will defo check a few of these out on my travels next year!

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