In Pictures: Toamasina, Madagascar


In Pictures: Toamasina, Madagascar

In Pictures: Toamasina is the second post in my “Madagascar” series (view my previous post here) about my favourite, charming city stop on the Voyage to Madagascar with Zegrahm Expeditions.


Toamasina – Madagascar’s second largest city and its chief seaport – is located on the eastern coast of the island on the Indian Ocean. In the long-gone days of French colonialism – its last vestiges consist of derelict European buildings lining the streets –  Toamasina was one of Madagascar’s main resort destination. Nowadays, tourists still come here, but they tend to be in passing: personally, apart from the group of people that I was travelling with, I did not clap my eyes on any. One of the things that I absolutely loved about Madagascar was the uniform (at least in the northern part of the country ) lack of tourists, which made this trip seem that much more exotic!


Spending a few hours in bustling Toamasina allowed for some wonderful photographic opportunities: I love taking pictures of people and city life, and I am very happy with the results! Another standout aspect about Madagascar were the people: on the whole, they were friendly and welcoming, willing, especially the children to pose for photos, without asking for anything back.


A rather fun and Toamasina’s signature attraction is the tomato frogs, which are endemic to Madagascar… I found them ridiculously cute; as a little girl, I had an affinity for frogs, always playing with them whenever we went to the county in the summer! They do in fact look like tomatoes from afar: quite large and round, and the perfect shade of rich “tomato” red colour. These frogs are nocturnal and live in ditches, but the local children were kind enough to gather and wash them for us, so that they would look particularly vibrant and shiny in photographs!


And now for more pictures!

_DSC0674_DSC091_DSC0702_DSC0814_DSC0816_DSC0907 copy_DSC0825_DSC0741toamasina madagascar_DSC0691_DSC0867_DSC0851_DSC0686_DSC0729_DSC0692_DSC0913_DSC0690_DSC0870_DSC0880_DSC0672_DSC0758_DSC0881_DSC0818


Tomato frogs vs….


Tomatoes…Can you spot the difference?!



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  1. A says:

    The tomato frogs look delicious. And it is interesting how they were different colours at different ages. Do people eat them?

  2. stunning photos and location!

    check out my fashion illustrations:

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