10 Reasons Why I Love Prestonfield House Hotel!


Prestonfield in Edinburgh might be my favourite hotel so far this year: it has that ever elusive “wow” factor that so many of the hotels in this day and age lack. In a nutshell, Prestonfield is the epitome of an indulgent retreat and a real treat for the eyes; Tatler and Abercrombie & Kent recently voted it as one of the “Best 101 Hotels in the world”. So, ten reasons why I love this hotel:

10 Reasons Why I Love Prestonfield House Hotel!

DSC_93081. Prestonfield is a time capsule. The hotel is a converted A-listed historic mansion, built in 1687 as Lord Provost’s grand Baroque home. Prestonfield House was lavishly renovated inside in a few years ago, converting the mansion into an opulent hotel with 23 bedrooms.

DSC_91782. The over-the-top opulent décor that works incredibly well. Prestonfield prides itself on following the maximalist philosophy for its exuberant interior design: it is all about opulence, decadence and glamour. The hotel is decorated in luxurious boudoir style with a proliferation of dark and rich colours, velvet upholstery, a plethora of antiques and art dotted throughout. This probably makes it sound like it is too much, and yet it works surprisingly well! The hotel’s new owners’ vision was to create a unique, memorable place to say, as a welcome alternative to many of Scotland’s somewhat bland and boring hotels. In addition, every one of 23 bedrooms has been designed individually.

DSC_90503. A countryside getaway in the heart of the city. Staying at Prestonfield, situated at the foot of Arthur’s seat, feels like a relaxing countryside getaway, and yet it is a 5 minute taxi ride from Edinburgh’s city centre (or if you are feeling fit and healthy, a 30 minute walk).

DSC_89574. Complementary champagne for every day of your stay.  A major plus that makes the whole stay feel ever so special. If the weather is nice, you can take your bottle of bubbly outside, and sip it whilst basking in the sun and watching the hotel’s many peacocks roaming around.

DSC_9114 copy5. Speaking of glorious peacocks.  It certainly got me a little over-excited, since I am a very keen birdwatcher (yes, I am trying to promote bird-watching as a cool and fascinating activity to undertake even if you are under 50).

IMG_11396. The hotel serves heavenly afternoon tea. Personally, my favourite version of an afternoon tea is cream tea (tea with a couple of scones), and cream tea at Prestonfield is one of the best I have ever had: freshly bakes plain and fruit scones accompanied by homemade jam and clotted cream served with loose-leaf tea in a silver teapot. If you are feeling (very) hungry, you can also opt for traditional afternoon tea or champagne afternoon tea. Beware, you will not need dinner after this.


7. Huge bathtubs. I love taking baths… It is one of those simple treats that can better your mood and your overall wellbeing. Here, every room comes with a deep, enormous bath. Almost like a mini-pool. Enough said.

DSC_89718. Beds are ridiculously comfortable. My huge bed looked like it could easily fit four people. I slept like a log for 10 hours, which, I suppose, says a lot, since I sleep terribly 90% of the time! Fresh air is also a welcome complimentary addition.

DSC_92839. The hotel grounds are absolutely gorgeous. You can easily spend the whole day exploring the extensive and well-manicured hotel grounds, 20 acres of it, foregoing the trip to Edinburgh’s city centre. If you get a little tired, there is a myriad of places to relax outside and gaze upon the Highland cattle (or the Hairy Coos as the locals call them). I also found a corner with lots of wild blackberries, a perfect pre-breakfast snack!

DSC_921710. Rhubarb restaurant serves delectable cuisine. The food at Rhubarb is delicious, a fresh take on the somewhat heavy Scottish cuisine; everything is prepared using ingredients form small artisan suppliers. The two oval dining rooms are opulently decorated with rich, dark-coloured fabrics and antique-looking furniture, a total immersion in Baroque splendour. The ambience is incredibly romantic.

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  1. Fi says:

    definitely my cup of tea…

  2. Emma says:

    Looks like an amazing stay, I quickly added this to my list of places to stay

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