Summer Memories


Summer is quickly drawing to a close, and here are some of my favourite images capturing halcyon moments of summertime adventures.

Having taken a month-long break from blogging, I have heaps of material to share with you, which will coming soon!

_DSC3466Driving along Highway 1 in Big Sur
_DSC2259Sunflowers in Californialake_district-9First afternoon in Lake District

_DSC8692The most beautiful desert of the summer at l’Enclume_DSC0990Red sand beach in Galapagos_DSC2459Cocktails at Farmstead in St Helena_DSC4106Last evening at Burning Man_DSC3317A sleepy cat in Henry Miller House in Big Sur_DSC9376Galapagos CactiDSC04705Lake Tahoe_DSC9043Basking in the sun at Askham Hall, Cumbria
_DSC9372In the highlands of GalapagosDSC_6498Marine layer in Big Sur_DSC2472Favourite salad of the summer: heritage tomato and burrata lake_district-31Wild garlic in Cumbria
_DSC0869Land iguana in Galapagos_DSC3221Redwood forest in Big Sur_DSC9393

Home interior in Galapagos _DSC8714Tulips at Askham Hall_DSC1950Wine tasting at Silver Oak_DSC8516Well-deserved champagne afternoon tea after a 12-mile hike in Lake District

lake_district-17Into the woods…_DSC2277Pool at one of my favourite hotels, Solage Calistoga_DSC4173Moments before the Burn…DSC06551Windy end to the summer in London

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  1. Vaeltaja says:

    Great compilation of summer pics. 🙂

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