Postcards from Reykjavik

Before I disappear from the internet world for the next couple of weeks as I sail towards the Arctic circle, here is a quick post from Reykjavik, also known as a city (actually more of a town) that I would love to live in for a few months/a year at some point in my life: it’s small, yet surprisingly hip with a plethora of amazing restaurants (favourites include The Fish Market and The Fish Company), great coffee shops (I love Reykjavik Roasters) and quaint little shops… These snapshots were taken as I spent hours wandering around town, window shopping and, of course, gorging on fresh, delicious seafood!

Image 21Image 19

Image 7Image 58Image 16Image 10 Image 11Image 13Image 49 Image 14 Image 15Image 17 Image 18Image 9Image 20Image 22 Image 23Image 53Image 30 Image 31 Image 32 Image 33 Image 34Image 46 Image 35 Image 36 Image 37 Image 38 Image 39 Image 40 Image 41Image 50 Image 42 Image 43 Image 44Image 47 Image 48Image 51 Image 52Image 54 Image 55 Image 56 Image 57Image 29Image 59 Image 60 Image 61 Image 62 Image 63Image 12Image 8


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