Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts: Home of Blue-Chip Art

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Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow has one of the finest collections of Impressionist and Modern Art in the world: it could easily rival MoMA and Musée d’Orsay in terms of the collection’s quality and scope. Here you will find many masterpieces from the 19th and 20th century key artists: think The Pink Studio by Matisse (the companion piece to The Red Studio at MoMa, one of his most iconic works), Paul Gaugin’s exotic take on Manet’s Olympia, Te Arii Vahine (The Queen, the King’s Wife), Monet’s depictions of the Rouen cathedral at different times of the day, as well as several images of dancers by Degas in different media, and pictures by Picasso from different creative periods of his life (Blue and Rose Periods, Cubism). The main difference between Pushkin Museum and the others is the lack of crowds and their inevitable accompanying noise; here you can take your time and enjoy the art in peace and quiet, without being shoved out of the way (a common occurrence at MoMa).

My favourite part of the museum is what I call the “Matisse” room, followed closely by the “Gauguin” room. Both of these rooms have got several blue-chip works by the said artists; with hardly any people around and nice comfortable benches it is easy to spend long spells of time enthralled by the beauty and charm of their paintings. In the “Matisse” room, you will find, in addition to The Pink Studio, The Moroccan Triptych, Goldfish and the huge oil sketch for La Dance, the full version of which is on show at MoMa. The reason why I love the big room dedicated to Paul Gauguin, one of the key figures of Post-Impressionism, is because I generally do not like his work: I find his paintings somewhat wishy-washy, albeit exotic. However, this museum has the best of his oeuvre, which definitely deserves due attention: Te Arii Vahine is definitely my favourite Gauguin painting, but I also love all his other pictures in the museum. 

Pushking Museum of Fine Arts should certainly be on your Moscow itinerary if you ever decide to visit this city! Link HERE.

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Matisse room

Image 15

Blue Dancers, Edgar Degas, 1898

Image 23

The Moroccan Triptych, Henri Matisse, 1912-1913

Image 17

Rouen Cathedral at Sunset, Claude Monet, 1894

Image 24

The Pink Studio, Henri Matisse, 1911

Image 5

Degas wall

Image 27

Te Arii Vahine (The Queen, The King’s Wife), Paul Gauguin, 1896

Image 9

Peaches and Pears, Paul Cezanne, 1895

Image 10

La Grenouillere, 1869, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Image 11

Two pictures by my favourite artist, Kees van Dongen

Image 19

A masterpiece from Picasso’s Rose Period, Young Acrobat on a Ball, 1905

Image 12

Matisse still lives

Image 8

Pierrot and Harlequin (Mardi-Gras), Paul Cezanne, 1888-1890

Image 6

Paul Gauguin room

Image 20

My favourite still life in the museum: Still Life. Champagne and Roses. Mikail Larionov, 1928

Image 14

Still Life with Parrots, Paul Gauguin, 1902

Image 16

Ballet Rehearsal, Edgar Degas, 1875-1877

Image 28

Composition, Joan Miro, 1927

Image 21

Wall of Kandinsky paintings

Image 26

Spanish Woman with Tambourine, Henri Matisse, 1909

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