Postcards from Tokyo


A few pictures capturing a handful of magical moments in Tokyo…

If you really want to understand what Tokyo is like, something which is practically impossible to convey through written word, then you need to watch Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece Lost in Translation! The film’s portrayal of the bustling capital of Japan is spot on.

More coming soon.

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shibuya crossing

Can you spot me?!

11 responses to “Postcards from Tokyo”

  1. Beautiful. That second shot of folks waving in the aromas of whatever is in that huge pot is absolutely stunning.

    And, can I even guess at what that stack of food is? Pancake tower creme stacked sandwich with… avocado/wasabi cream? Ha!

    michelle marie

  2. Michèle says:

    wow. looks like an amazing trip. so many impressive photos

  3. sandy says:

    Beautiful pictures, it gives me the idea of visiting Tokyo 🙂

  4. Francesca says:

    These pics are absolutely gorgeous!


  5. Eden says:

    Beautiful photos, Japan looks amazing. Definitely need to visit here someday 🙂

  6. Kadi LV says:

    I love the pictures, they look so amazing ! I went to Tokyo too, and it’s really an amazing city.


  7. beautiful post! love the way you have captured the true essence of the Japan. so makes me want to plan vacation.
    Love you blog. will be a frequent visitor.
    do check out my fashion and lifestyle blog!

  8. Jake Ryan says:

    Absolutely love all these photos 😀


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