Postcards from the Philippines

_DSC5703 copyIt’s more fun in the Philippines!!!

[That is in fact the title for the official song for the Department of Tourism campaign in the Philippines. You can listen to it here]

Back home from the fin-filled Philippines island-hopping adventure with Zegrahm Expeditions. In the space of two weeks, we visited 17 islands out of 7,107. Our journey consisted of both land and underwater exploration: we roamed around spectacular islands (Sibuyan and Capul islands instantly spring to mind); got acquainted with indigenous tribes; spent a day on an island where Magellan held the first Catholic Mass, Limasawa; rode around on jeepneys and habalhabals; and to cool off we explored the fairytale underwater world (including Tubattaha and Apo reefs, both premier diving spots in the Philippines) swimming amongst sharks, turtles and a myriad of fish of all shapes and colours . However, if only there were more days in a year and hours in a day, we could have discovered so much more!

PS After two weeks I have finally learnt how to spell Philippines correctly (it is only one L and two Ps in the middle of the word!!!)

Here are some of my favourite photos from the journey, and a proper photo diary will be coming soon!

_DSC3334 copyTraditional marriage ceremony of Palawano tribe on Palawan Island_DSC5420 copySelfies on Limasawa Island_DSC4291 copyLong-tailed macaque on Bohol Island

_DSC3515 copyKayangan Lake on Coron Island_DSC3352 copy

_DSC5683 copyBrittle Star_DSC5867 copyWhat a magnificent rooster – cock fighting is a major part of Filipino culture.
_DSC5146 copy Gasoline in Coke bottles
_DSC5693 copy _DSC5851 copy_DSC4330 copyDreamcatchers made from roosters_DSC5976 copyEaster Sunday
_DSC3906 copyRice fields on Sibuyan island_DSC3933 copy_DSC4624 copy_DSC4994 copy_DSC4767 copy_DSC5352 copy_DSC5393 copyExploring Limasawa island
_DSC5487 copy_DSC4220 copySome of my new friends in Sibuyan _DSC5782 copy _DSC3836 copy_DSC4776 copyWe were treated to lechon on several occasions_DSC3302 copy _DSC4846 copy _DSC6020 copyInside an old colonial house in Manila _DSC5068 copyPost diving big bottle of beer_DSC4234 copyFancy some needle fish for lunch?
_DSC4812 copy_DSC3872 copyRice planting
_DSC3786 copy _DSC3416 copyGaining some new skills

_DSC5569 copyCapul Island

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