Postcards from the Maldives


Postcards from the Maldives

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Currently holidaying in Maldives with my wonderful family… Sun, sea, and lovely sand at one of the newest and trendiest hotels in the Maldives, Maalfushi by COMO: what could be more perfect?

Well, apart from the fact that during our first week, it was all about rain, rain, and more rain… On top of that, following my three intense weeks of travelling around East Africa,  I crashed and hibernated for two whole days as soon as I arrived… which was absolutely awesome, but so unlike me! I am one of those people, who is too excited about life getting up at the break of dawn almost without fail.


Looking at the silver lining of the whole incessant rain situation – we did come here at the end of the monsoon season after all – I did get the perfect opportunity to complete PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.  Lounging in the sun with a good book – I am currently reading Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad, which according to my dad is the precursor to all travel blogs, albeit not digital –  was completely out of the question. In addition, having obtained my basic Open Water Diver course over eight years ago, I found that it was somewhat restrictive throughout my travels.


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about Adventure Diving: throughout the course you learn all about Underwater Navigation and Deep Diving, as well as an assortment of optional dives; I picked Night Diving, Drift Diving and Underwater Photography, all of which were very enjoyable and encompassed various diving skills. I suppose the only, slightly tedious downside, is that you have to read a text book (yawn), and answer a myriad of questions at the end of each chapter, but then you do learn all about safety, and safety is priority number one in this “extreme” sport!

All in all, if you ever get the opportunity to do the advanced course, then I would definitely recommend doing it.

Stay tuned for my full review of Maalfushi by COMO and many more photos!


Infinity pool at my parents’ water villa: bliss!



Not sure that I would spell ‘chilli’ like that; this sign made me giggle like a little child for a good five minutes!



yes, my arms are indeed five shades darker than the rest of my body…



All the greens are grown in house: no wonder their salads were so fresh and divine!



A spinner dolphin!

A rare spell of sunshine amidst gloomy skies...

A rare spell of sunshine amidst gloomy skies…


My favourite palm tree on the island!


Delicious start to our many-course Christmas supper. yum.


My little sister and I


3 responses to “Postcards from the Maldives”

  1. Amanda P says:

    Looks like a fun and beautiful trip. I’ll have to check out Innocents Abroad at some point. Although I haven’t gotten to his account yet, I’m currently reading Mark Twain in Heidelberg and the Neckar Valley, which includes excerpts from A Tramp Abroad and commentary about Twain and the area in the time he visited it by Harry Davis.

  2. TravelBench says:

    Amazingly beautiful and lovely pics! I bet you had a great time there 😉 Hopefully I’ll visit the Maldives with my family too someday. You inspired me to do so 🙂

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