Postcards from Nicaragua


I am back home after almost two weeks in Nicaragua, a country that completely blew me away: stunning landscapes of towering volcanoes and glistening lakes, fascinating wildlife, some of the best coffee I have ever tasted and lovely, welcoming people (if only I could speak Spanish!).

In anticipation of a proper write-up about my time in this wonderful country, here a small selection of my favourite pictures I captured along the way…_DSC7309_DSC7211_DSC5917_DSC6043 _DSC5838 _DSC5868 _DSC7128 _DSC7072 _DSC7494 _DSC7508 _DSC7206 _DSC7535_DSC7334_DSC6382 _DSC6419 _DSC6876 _DSC7437DSC04834 _DSC7222 DSC04829 DSC04871_DSC5979_DSC7282_DSC7427

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  1. Allison says:

    Gorgeous pics, definitely got me excited about my upcoming trip! Did you visit Nicaragua solo?

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