Postcards from Miami Beach


Spent a couple of blissful days last week meandering around Miami Beach and its wealth of white-washed Art Deco buildings, soaking up much needed but rarely seen at home sun, splashing around in the ocean, and indulging in oysters at every available opportunity…

Miami Beach holds so many memories from me, as my family often stopped over in this resort town as I was growing up. Ocean Drive is etched in my memory almost as much as Oxford Street in London or Champs-Elysees in Paris – I must have walked up and down this bustling thoroughfare dozens of time throughout the years, always fascinated by overt display of wealth by means of flashy cars, women dressed in the skimpiest of outfits and blaring music coming from all directions. I also have one seemingly surreal memory of snowflakes gently floating down from the sky in January one year!

This year we stayed at a small, yet wonderfully chic, Art Deco hotel, Metropolitan by COMO, and wined and dined at The Dutch, Traymore, and Lure Fishbar, all rather laid-back establishmenting serving top-notch seafood.
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