Postcards from Dubrovnik


Postcards from Dubrovnik

A few photographs from the most wonderful weekend in Dubrovnik last month… I am posting this from a rather cold Isle of Skye whilst wearing a heavy knit jumper, winter leggings and boots, and sipping some Whisky (what else is there to drink in Scotland?!); looking at these pictures warms me up just that little bit more!

There will be a proper post coming up shortly; I am currently trying to juggle travelling, simultaneously working on my blog and on another exciting project, which is keeping my hands full and making me realise that time management is a real skill.

In addition, internet is proving too slow to allow me to upload more than a few photographs… I guess, more for next time! 🙂


9 responses to “Postcards from Dubrovnik”

  1. Polly says:

    Gorgeous! I’m a sucker for any stone-walled city, though!

  2. Shaunna says:

    you are such a talented photographer! I was just in Croatia but we stayed in Rovinj instead, you should go just for a day, such a welcoming little place.

  3. Emma says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m hoping to make it to Dubrovnik soon

  4. Marcello says:

    Dubrovnik looks beautiful. Love the look of the Old Town

  5. Tea says:

    I love the city. I’ve been there a few times and could go again.

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