Postcards from Cuba


A few of my favourite pictures from a whirlwind trip to Cuba earlier this month… A little preview of a proper post coming up soon!

_DSC1184Dreamy landscapes in Viñales Valley_DSC1673Ernest Hemingway’s house in Havana_DSC1431_DSC2307A couple of blissful days in Caya Santa Maria_DSC2673Sunset in Cienfuegos_DSC1484_DSC1885In the streets of Havana_DSC1459Pina Colada ingredients_DSC2628Cuban courtyards…
_DSC1639_DSC2744_DSC2803 _DSC2920Varadero_DSC2896 _DSC2613Going for a dip at El Nicho waterfall_DSC1920 _DSC1890Vintage cameras for sale in Havana…_DSC2402 _DSC1646 _DSC1559Daiquiris at El Floridita – Hemingway’s drinking den in Havana and the cradle of daiquiri
_DSC1795Schoolchildren in Havana_DSC2789Roaming the streets in Cienfuegos_DSC1960The Capitol in Havana_DSC1783_DSC1944_DSC1518Parque Central Havana
_DSC2585El Nicho Waterfall

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