Wildlife Adventure in Southern Pantanal with Zegrahm Expeditions

I cannot believe it has been a year since I came back from Brazil’s Pantanal. It reminds me that I never wrote a post about the second half of that exciting journey with Zegrahm Expeditions

You can view the previous post here and another about searching for jaguars in Pantanal here.
This trip was perhaps the most exciting wildlife adventure I have ever been on! Many have been on safaris in Africa to see lions, giraffes and elephants, but how many can say they have seen jaguars, anteaters (in the photo above), armadillos and capybaras (a.k.a. the largest rodent in the world)? The wildlife on South American continent is a disparate world from Africa.
We spent the second half of the trip exploring Southern part of Pantanal. First on the itinerary was the largest sinkhole on the continent (in the photo above, I am standing on its edge), also known as the Buraco das Araras (The Sinkhole of the Macaws). The sinkhole is up to 127 metres deep and around 500 m in daimtere; it is famous for breath-taking views of dozens of beautiful, vibrant red-and-green macaws soaring and wheeling from its sheer cliffs.

We also did some river snorkelling on the same day, where I came face to face with a baby anaconda – how many people can boast about such a rare enrcounter?!

Caiman Ecological RefugeWe spent the rest of our Pantanal trip at the Caiman Ecological Refuge. This refuge situated on a cattle ranch of approximately 200 square miles is a pioneer in eco-tourism project. We stayed at the stunning Main Lodge of the reserve, a lovely converted Spanish-American farmhouse set in expansive grounds featuring some lovely gardens.

pantanal porto jofreWe spent our time seeking out the refuge’s wealth of wildlife either on foot during nature walks and by car to allow us to cover longer distances.  We spotted a few jaguars – not quite as many as in Porto Jofre in Northern Pantanal – but the real highlight here were the funny- looking giant anteaters with their elongated snouts.

Below is the photo diary of the adventure…

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