Nosy Komba: Madagascar’s Little Slice of Paradise

nosy komba

Nosy Komba – exploring northern Madagascar with Zegrahm Expeditions

Have you ever considered expanding your bucket list and adding a couple of off-the-beaten track, memorable and stunning destinations? A destination that is perhaps slightly uncommon, but nonetheless exciting and some place that you are unlikely to forget?

Then do consider adding Madagascar to your list!

chameleon nosy komba

Chameleon bracelet: a perfect accessory by Mother Nature

This month, I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the northern part of Madagascar with Zegrahm Expeditions. This part of the country is rarely visited by tourists due to slightly more difficult access than the southern tip of the island, where most tourists tend to visit. But surely, a lack of tourists can only be a good thing?

nosy kombaOur first stop was the idyllic Nosy Komba, a little volcanic island off the north west coast of mainland Madagascar. Nosy Komba is an true oasis of tranquility: here there are neither cars, nor electricity.

aldabra giant tortoise

Aldabra Giant Tortoise munching on leaves

This island is a small gem of nature, surrounded by brilliant, glistening waters of varying shades of blue. It is well-known for its many playful lemurs and nonchalant chameleons – like most of Madagascar, I suppose; but you will also come across boa constrictors and tortoises, both Aldabra giant tortoises, and little radiated tortoises, endemic to Madagascar. In a nutshell, there are hours of fun to be had with an exciting array of wildlife!

nosy komba
However, the bit of Nosy Komba that particularly stood out for me were the beaches of the softest, perfect yellow sand. Beaches you wish were endless, so that you could walk along the sea for as long as you can, with each step you foot slightly sinking and being enveloped in the pleasant warmth of the sand. And, if you get a little hot in the bright sunshine, then just jump in the refreshing crystal clear waters!

nosy komba

Stay tuned for more posts about my epic trip to Madagascar with Zegrahm Expeditions!

nosy komba

nosy komba

Boa Constrictor

nosy kombanosy komba


Bundles of deliciously fragrant vanilla sticks 


Local homes

Cute radiated tortoise: these are usually are kept as pets, and are much sought after... often their prices exceeds thousands of dollars.

Cute radiated tortoise: these are usually are kept as pets, and are much sought after… often their prices exceeds thousands of dollars. However, they are now officially banned as pets, because they are becoming endangered. 

_DSC9773nosy komba

nosy komba

Fishing Net

nosy komba

Local ladies create somewhat simple, yet beautifully embroidered clothes, which they later sell to tourists.

nosy komba

nosy komba

Jackfruit: its fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 36 kg in weight!

nosy komba


I stumbled across delicious beignets! Reminded me ever so much of my trip to New Orleans back in October…


Time to cool off with Three Horses Beer, a beer that is considered pretty much an institution in Madagascar.

9 responses to “Nosy Komba: Madagascar’s Little Slice of Paradise”

  1. yvonnelaura says:

    Amazing photos! It looks gorgeous

  2. Navin Barber says:

    Very inviting photos, the island looks very beautiful and so pleased to see that parts of it are still unspoilt . Totally reminds me of my childhood in Africa .

  3. Portia says:

    I love discovering treasured places away from the tourist-strewn destinations. Nosy Komba looks incredibly gorgeous – I love your snaps!

  4. magdalena says:

    Looks like a fabulous trip! I don’t think I know anyone personally who traveled to Madagascar, but I sure would like to.

  5. Cee says:

    What a gorgeous place! It really does look like paradise. I’ve always been intrigued by Madagascar but I’ve never known anyone who’s been – I’m thinking maybe I should just bit the bullet and go, anyway.

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