Natasha Ndlovu, Model and Blogger, Bisous Natasha


Natasha Ndlovu, Model and Blogger, Bisous Natasha

Natasha Ndlovu is a model and founder of style site

She was born in Zimbabwe and also grew up in South Africa. Afterwards, she moved to Canada to study and also lived in Paris. She studied Visual Arts and Art History.

Natasha currently lives in London and she just started a vintage boutique on Asos Marketplace.

Tell me about your first memories of travel abroad? Where? What were your impressions?

The first I went abroad I was 16 or 17 and it was to Paris with my art class. I went to an international school, so at the time I was living in South Africa. It was such a contrast, from hot to cold weather and I remember coming out the metro and the first smell was fish from a fishmonger store right by the station. I was intimidated because myself and my class mates did not know a word of French but our art teacher handled everything for us.


What is wanderlust?
The desire to travel and see new places and meet new people.

What is the most unusual place that you have travelled to?
I honestly haven’t been anywhere unusual yet. Every place I have been to people more or less follow a similar (if not somewhat Western) approach to life.


Are you a backpacker or a flash packer?
I am a flash packer for sure. I like to be comfortable. I am at a point and age in my life where I need a safe bed, in my own room with a safe and a good shower, and if I can avoid public transport to and from and airport then even better.

Do you collect interesting souvenirs?
When I was younger, I used to but now because I am more or less settling down, I don’t want anything in my apartment which isn’t necessary. I do still bring gifts for my friends and family.


Do you travel light?
When I travel to another European city from London, then yes, I travel light but if I am going to the USA or South Africa, I have a heavy suitcase and carry-on luggage.

Do you travel to eat? If so, what is the best, most memorable meal that you have had?
I travel more to experience the environment of a place such as St. Moritz to ski, or Barbados for the beach. Food is secondary, however, Barcelona and Mykonos are two places where the food was something I enjoyed as well.


What is your perfect getaway?
An island or a country with secluded, beautiful beaches.

What is your favourite hotel that you have stayed in?
I once stayed at the George V in Paris on my way to Switzerland. It is such a luxurious hotel and the service is impeccable !


As a professional model, what are your tips to look good in travel photos?
Eat healthy even when you are abroad so that you aren’t constantly bloated. If you are somewhere like a beach, wear a nice bikini or beachwear just to give your photo that extra bit of chic.

What is your favourite campaign/editorial that you worked on abroad?
I have so far done editorials / campaigns in the UK but working with Rankin has been a favourite.


What do you always take on a plane with you?
My iPad with my own personal selection of films and also to enable me to work on emails which I will be ready to send once I land.

Do you have any beauty secrets whilst travelling?

Carry a good moisturiser, avoid alcohol on the plane and wear a lot of sun screen when you are out and about in hot weather.


What have made you decide to learn Russian?
I studied art and was interning at the Russian Art Department at Sotheby’s so I thought it would be a good idea to also learn the language.

London or New York?
For now London. I still believe in London and for now it is home.


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  1. Olga says:

    Love the photo where she is holding a book!
    Interview is nice, too – quite light but interesting to read.

  2. Liz Lizo says:

    Wow she is so gorgeous! Great interview!

    – Liz

  3. Ralf says:

    Very good that she is able to have a good life

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