Moscow: Culture and Opulence

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Saint Basil's Cathedral, formerly a church, now a museum

Moscow is a city of great cultural and historical heritage and world-renowned architecture, and yet it is often overlooked as a city break destination.  Here you can find several World Heritage sites including the Kremlin, the medieval city-fortress in the heart of the capital, the Red Square and the Novodevichy Convent. The Pushkin State Museum houses one of the most diverse and prominent collections of Impressionist and Modern Art, whilst the Tretyakov Gallery is the foremost art gallery for Russian Art. Moscow is home to arguably the best and most prestigious ballet company in the world, the Bolshoi Ballet. The underground metro system is a prominent landmark due to its rich and varied architecture; it is also one of the world’s deepest and busiest.

However Moscow has another aspect to it, a complete antithesis of its classic and cultural side. Since the collapse of Communism in the early nineties, there has been an explosion in “Westernisation” of the city and of its residents. The city is hip and modern, it is a hub of luxury and wealth (it currently has the highest concentration of billionaire residents in the world), at times it might seem crass and ostentatious, making it that much more fascinating to outside visitors. And if you have ever head a fleeting thought of visiting this metropolis, now is the time.

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Image 66

The Red Square at night


Image 63

Matisse paintings at the Pushkin Museum

Image 65

The Kremlin and the Moskva river

Image 68

GUM, foremost shopping centre by the Red Square and a symbol of Moscow opulence and elegance

Image 64
Sunrise in Moscow
Image 70

Moscow metro sign

Image 71

The Bolshoi Theatre

Image 72

Lynx fur coat that comes with $100,000 price tag

Image 74

Arbat Street

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