Lake District: England’s Most Beautiful Region

_DSC8861Lake District is the most beautiful part of England I have ever visited – here you revel in the splendour and serenity of English landscape. Simply because it does not feel much like England, especially when you getaway from the villages and scale the mountain peaks, where astonishing vistas open up to you. Hiking here somewhat reminded me of trekking in the Andes!

lake_district-9William Wordsworth, one of this region’s most famous 19th residents famously wrote, ‘No part of the country is more distinguished by its sublimity’

_DSC8457Lake District is perfect as a destination for a spiritual getaway and a gastronomic destination combined.  We spent four joyful days in the Lake District, scaling the mountain peaks, eating to our heart’s content to replenish the energy (and following in the footsteps of Steve Coogan and Rob Briden a little), and simply drinking in the serene scenery.


Lake District is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  Dramatically mountainous region in northern England, this a piece of England well known for its fantastic scenery with numerous glistening lakes, lush wild forests of twisted trees, and lofty fells (a local word for mountains) that are a joy to scramble. Personally, I am an avid fan of hiking, so I was in heaven!

Weather in the Lake District is notoriously unpredictable, but even when its raining, the place becomes atmospheric. Although, I was really like as the weather stayed almost perfect for the whole four days!


Where to we stayed…

Gilpin Hotel and Lake House – this family-run gem offers glamorous yet very homely accommodation in the vicinity of Lake Windermere. Here you will also find an excellent restaurant, offering substation breakfasts, decadent champagne afternoon tea (much needed after a long arduous hike) and top-notch fine dining in the evening.


Askham Hall – a charming more than 800-year-old manor recently converted into a boutique hotel. One of my favourite hotels I have ever stayed in (and that says a lot!). You can read my full article here. 


Where we ate…

Holbeck Ghyll

Famished and a little tired after a very early start rather long journey from London, our first stop was for a much needed lunch at the Michelin-starred oak-panelled restaurant at Holbeck Ghyll, a sophisticated country house amongst the rolling countryside of Lake District with wonderful views of Lake Windemere.  This restaurant was one of the dining stops for Steve Coogan in his The Trip series and what a quaint place with superb service! I absolutely loved my window seat (the one in the photo above).


L’Enclume  – hands down one of the best restaurants of the summer, L’Enclume was hailed the best in the UK in 2014 for its imaginative take on British cuisine. Located in the picturesque village of Cartmel by a river, this was Simon Rogan’s first outpost (he is also currently at the helm of Fera at Claridges, which I thought to be a little disappointing after L’Enclume). The sleek fine dining spot in the country offering an upscale menu of locally sourced, seasonal fare. In fact, we sat at the same table as Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in The Trip. Just look the pretty dessert in the photo above. I cannot recall exactly what it was, but trust me it tasted as good as it looked.

George and Dragon – wonderful gastropub, if you get a little tired of all the fine dining options on offer in Lake District.

The restaurant at Asham Hall – world-class dining at Askham Hall on par with some of the best restaurants in London!


Make sure you check out…

Lowther Castle – a monumental skeleton of the Gothic revival from the 19th century amongst beautiful landscapes, this is a magical place where you can let your imagination run wild. This estate is undergoing massive renovations.


A little photo diary to finish off this post…

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