Harri Constable, Travel Blogger, Harri Travels


Harri Constable, Travel Blogger, Harri Travels

Harri Constable lives in London and works in communications for the FT. She is also a travel writer, blogger and photographer behind Harri Travels. Her travel blog is jam-packed full of top tips, food and destination suggestions, hotel reviews and epic experiences from around the world.

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1. Do you remember you first trip abroad? Where was it, and what were your impressions?

My first real trip abroad (outside of school and family holidays) was to New Zealand aged 18. I was blown away by the natural beauty – we were visiting in their autumn so the colours on the trees were spectacular. I have never felt happier, or more free.

2. How many countries have you visited?

I think it’s about 40 by now! I’ve stepped foot on every continent on earth too.

3. What is the most unusual places that you have been to? What is the most beautiful place? Why?

The most beautiful place I have been to is Antarctica. Nothing can compare to the serene yet fierce landscapes, the peace on a calm day as a friendly whale saunters by and the cold air hits your nose.


Harri exploring Isle of Skye, in Scotland

4. What is Harri Travels all about?

Harri Travels is a travel, food and lifestyle blog. It documents my adventures around the globe with the mantra: live life, make a difference.

5. What is the place that you would love to visit most?

Sri Lanka is high up my list!

6. Do you collect souvenirs? Do you have an special souvenirs with an interesting story behind it?

I hold on to the stubs of all my plane tickets, I plan to make them into some kind of epic artwork one day!

7. You must have met some fascinating people whilst travelling; can you give me an example?

There was the angry Fijian security guard who accidentally squirted my sun cream all over herself, the woman who lived in a beautiful blue and white hut in the middle-of-nowhere-Greece selling pickles, the high-as-a-kite Moroccan art dealer who I brought a painting from in Chefchaouen, the crazy-haired scientist who had spent the past three years living in a shed on Antarctica, powered only by renewable energy sources… the list goes on 🙂

_DSC0298 - Version 2

Exploring old town in Stockholm

8. What country has the best food?

Tough one! Greece is amazing for vegetarians: olives, vine leaves, tzatziki, pitta – YUM. France for the cheeses and the wines, Britain has a brilliant array of vegetarian restaurants too and oh my gosh Cape Town in South Africa – amazing!

9. What is your perfect getaway?

At least two weeks, time to explore and meet new people but relax too. There would be mountains, and sea, and spectacular views and lots of wildlife. I’d have my camera, my diary and my boyfriend in tow.

10. Who inspires you?

So many people inspire me, it’s what keeps me going. My mum – a woman of nearly 60 with a successful career who absolutely loves her job, my dad – who isn’t afraid of trying new things and is a fantastic photographer, my entrepreneurial brother who runs his own company and will make millions, my boyfriend who happens to be the most moral, ethical, considered person I know and anyone else who has a dream or an ambition and makes it happen for themselves.


Wild camping

11. What is the craziest thing have you done whilst travelling?

Jumping out of a plane from 15,000 feet seemed a good idea at the time…!

12. Have you had any life-changing experiences throughout your travels?

My first trip around the world changed a lot about my perspective. It made me consider what was really important to me and what I wanted out of life. It also solidified important friendships, and showed me where I needed to move on from unhealthy ones. I believe it changed my expectations and what I wanted from life.

13. How would you compare you current state of mind to the one that you had when you first started travelling? How have you grown as a person?

I think (hope) I’ve learned to deal with anything that comes at ya. I’m a born planner and extremely organised, but travel also teaches you to go with the flow, not worry too much, take opportunities and make the most of everything.

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  1. Kate says:

    Awesome, I love discovering new travel bloggers! Is this a series? 🙂

  2. I also want to visit Sri Lanka. Honestly I inspired by many but You are the best.

  3. Shannon says:

    This is a great idea. I love reading about other bloggers’ experiences.
    To step foot on every continent is a dream of mine, and I really like hearing that it is possible!

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