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Yay and Lloyd write a blog Hand Luggage Only. They love everything and anything to do with travel – and food of course! They love to share their experiences, while learning from their readers’ too – especially if its chocolate related!

Hand Luggage Only is…

Hand Luggage Only was created as we loved exploring new countries and destinations. We wanted to create a space where we can all share our favourite places, tips and tricks and hopefully connect with other like minded travellers!

We always believe that exploration and travel should be accessible to everyone, that’s why we love to focus on places that are not only far, far away – but also, right on our very door-step! We truly believe that experiences have the ability to enrich each and every person’s life, whether that’s back-packing in Thailand, Glacier climbing in Iceland, a family vacation to France, or a trip to a local attraction. Travel is ultimately an experience – and you don’t always have to travel too far to get those! J

Current location…

We are based in one of our favourite cities in the entire world, London! (Psssst… We are a little biased but we truly love our city)


Is wanderlust innate or contagious?

In a very strange way, we find it hard to answer this question, mainly because we think it can be both, depending on each and every persons circumstances.

*Rushes through philosophical text books to find discover an answer* I’m sure we have all sat at a computer on a gloomy Monday morning and seen a image of a pristine far-away beach – but that doesn’t mean it’s contagious, We become exposed to so many influencing forces (like the far-away beach) that shape our every-day wants and desires – but that that surely comes from an innate desire to travel?

Number of countries visited…

We have visited just over 40 countries, with many more planned! Two that really stuck out to us were: Iceland for the spectacular nature and breathe-taking scenery, the northern lights and the friendly people and the second country that really stood out to us was, Thailand – a country that is steeped in a rich and vast cultural history, spectacular coastlines and culturally rich cities! Oh, they also have some amazing food! We blame Thailand for our recent weight gain!


First time abroad…

The first time I, Lloyd, travelled abroad was when I was two – I remember it well, as there was a mild earthquake when we were there – I remember being on the beach and the sand shaking, which as a child, seemed quite fun… but now, I might think differently! Hindsight has a lot to answer for!

The most unusual/underrated place visited…

Ohhh, great question… Probably our last adventure to the Scilly Isles. They are part of the UK and about 28 miles southwest of Cornwall. Even though it is so close, it can have a rather tropical climate and beautiful, white sandy beaches, with warm seas to paddle in! There are palm tress and exotic plants that grow here due to the Gulf Stream that brings the warmer seas and temperatures from the Caribbean. It is truly idyllic.


The most beautiful place…

The most beautiful place we have visited has to be Thailand! Like we said; the coastline, the people and the rich culture and tasty food make this one of our favourite destinations to travel to!

The most interesting person encountered…

When I (Lloyd) went camping across the United States (from NYC to LA) – I managed to meet a gentleman that had a job, collecting venom from poisonous snakes from all across the world. He travelled the world collecting this venom to aid laboratories in making the right antidote for people that may been unfortunate enough to be bitten. He had some great stories to share and a truly remarkable, scary, yet worth-while career!



We get inspired by everyone – I think we would both say our families have a big impact on the way we experience the world but we think it is everyone in reality – we love to have conversations with fellow travellers about the best places to go and where to explore… these conversations usually end up with us booking a ticket online!

Favourite travel book…

Hard to choose… we don’t have one favourite one – we tend to try and explore all different types of books, so any suggestions, please let us know!


Foodie travelling…

We definitely travel for good food! We love to explore a foodie culture when we visit a destination. One of the places where we managed to explore the most delicious cuisines was in Singapore! The city-state itself seems to be a melting pot of foodie cultures from South Asia, India, Western Cuisine, all the way up to Japanese. We think for diversity and choice, Singapore wins! Hands down!

 Favourite hotels…

It really depends on the destination, for instance, in Amsterdam, we love the conceptual hotel CitizenM, In NYC we love the Andaz Wall Street for their amazing rooms, In Singapore we lusted so much over the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands, while in Marrakesh, we really love the independent Riads that are dotted across the city!


Top of the bucket list…

Definitely The Faroe Islands! It’s a spectacular country that always has us luting over its dramatic scenery! We can’t wait to plan a visit!

Travelling is important because…

We always think that travel happens as soon as you leave your house… it doesn’t have to be hopping on a plane or crossing international border, it all comes through the experiences you have. For this reason we think that travel and experience are intertwined. We think that each and every experience we have, has the ability to shape ourselves and enrich our lives – we always try and keep our eyes peeled and our ears wagging on the next best thing to experience – making travel both local and further afield a really great tool to shape ourselves.


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