From Moscow with Love

You wouldn’t recognise Moscow from what it was just a few years ago… The change has been rapid, and the city has become undeniably cool. The government has recently injected a lot of cash into renovating the city centre, and now it looks sparkling new with much improved infrastructure and many of the city’s grand buildings have been carefully restored. The city itself is absolutely gorgeous with its eclectic, imposing architecture: a mix of stunning 19th century and soviet buildings, vestiges of the powerful and tragic past. Moscow has become a fun place to live and visit with an explosion in trendy restaurants, art galleries, shops and just hip places to hang out.

Last year I visited Moscow five times, an unprecedented amount of visits in a year since I left my hometown for a boarding school in England 16 years ago!  Within a space of few months, it quickly became one of my favourite cities in Europe. Since 2001 then I have barely spent anytime there since – an occasional long weekend every few months. Before I went back there a year ago, I had not been for almost a year and a half… There was simply nothing to draw me back, and I found the city slightly backward and dull. However, at the end of 2015, my little sister moved back for a year to work at a gallery promoting and selling female contemporary art. I was pleasantly surprised by my first visit in such a long time- my sister had already been living there several months and she knew all the right places to go.  Perhaps, one of the reasons for it was that I was somewhat overcome with nostalgia for my halcyon days of childhood…  But, I suppose, the main reason was that the city has become an exciting, bustling metropolis, almost on par with other European capitals! An ideal place for a long weekend break that I would certainly recommend!

See below, my photo diary from a hot weekend in July…

One of my favourite art pieces (all about beauty) from the summer… “#Create in Beauty. Grow in Beauty. Gift beauty.Play in Beauty. Write in Beauty.Dance in Beauty. Sleep in Beauty. Love in Beauty. Dream in Beauty. Appreciate in Beauty. Read in Beauty. Explore Beauty. .etc.” Immersing myself within Rashid Johnson’s  ‘Within Our Gates’ installation at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. 

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