Five Fun Things in Berlin

Photographic memories and some of our highlights from Berlin…

Berlin is a city of fascinating and tragic history, a fusion of the progressive West and the familiar (to me) socialist East, the perfect blend of glamour and grit. Berlin is by no means a beautiful city, mostly due to the fact that large parts of it were destroyed in the air raids and the Battle of Berlin during the World War II, and yet it is fun and hip, brimming with unhindered creativity nurtured by talent from all over the world, a party paradise going all day and night. And, of course, there is a dizzying array of first-class museums that will make your head spin from all the information influx…
Checkpoint Charlie was one of my favourite sites in Berlin…

Checkpoint Charlie is the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin and the defining symbol of the everlasting Cold War.{Brandenburg Gate}

Some of our other highlights…

1. Helmut Newton Foundation

Helmut Newton was one of the most prolific – he has 64 covers of Vogue Paris alone under his belt- and provocative photographers of the last century. He is well-known for his erotically charged black and white fashion photographs showcasing his pure love of beautiful, strong women, as well as his portraits of familiar figures, ranging from Margaret Thatcher to Leonardo DiCapril to David Bowie. Helmut Newton Foundation occupies the two lower floors of the Museum of Photography, which has been a magnet for photography enthusiasts for over a dozen years. The foundation houses a permanent exhibition ‘Helmut Newton’s Private Property’, as well as individual exhibitions on Helmut Newton’s work, his wife Alice Springs, and his contemporaries.

2.Boros Collection

For a dose of exhilarating contemporary art in an interesting location, head to Boros Collectionbut make sure you book a private appointment far in advance!

The bunker itself has a fascinating history. Constructed by Nazi Germany in 1943, it has an area of 1000 m² and is 18 metres high; its walls are up to two metres thick. There are 120 rooms on five floors. Two years later, Russia’s Red Army took the build and turned it into a prisoner-of-war camp. In the early nineties, it was turned into a hardcore techno club. In 2003 Christian Boros purchased the bunker for his private collection of contemporary art. Subsequently, he had architects Jens Casper and Petra Petersson convert the building into a 3,000 m2 exhibition space to house his vast collection of contemporary art.


Personally, the highlight of the Museum island in Berlin (the runner up is the Neues Museum, which most famously showcases the exquisite Bust of Queen Nefertiti alongside a plethora of other Ancient Egyptian artefacts)!

Opening a compelling window onto the ancient world, this palatial complex unites a rich feast of classical sculpture and monumental architecture from Greece, Rome, Babylon and the Middle East, including the imposing azure-blue Ishtar Gate from Babylon, the Roman Market Gate of Miletus and the Caliph’s Palace of Mshatta.

4.The Holocaust Memorial 

Making your way through the maze of the Holocaust Memorial is a mesmerising experience. Designed by American architect Peter Eisenman and inaugurated in 2005, this memorial consists of 2,711 sarcophagi-like smooth concrete columns rising in solemn silence from the undulating ground.

5.Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

A fusion of the ruins  of the late-19th century church and contemporary church architecture, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is a stunning memorial to the devastation of war and the hopeful future, to peace and reconciliation.

The neo-romanesque church built to glorify the first German Emperor was built between 1891 and 1895. Like many parts of Berlin, it was destroyed during the bombing raids in 1943. The ruins serving as a testament to the horrors of war were integrated into the new church built in the 1960s. It stands for the Berliners’ fervent will to rebuild their city after the war.

Where to eat…

Markthalle Neun

Away from the busy city centre, a place for locals to grab a bite. Particularly comes to life on Thursdays, where there’s the weekly “Street Food Thursday” with many types of food from all over the world.

Restaurant Tim Raue

Creative fusion cuisine from one of Germany’s most famous chefs. This restaurant is currently sitting at no.34 in the World’s Top 50 Restaurants.

Weinbar Rutz

I can never say no to an evening at a chic wine bar with delicious plates! Weinbar Rutz was a stone throw’s away from our hotel in the Mitte, and a place where we tried one of the best German Pinot Noir’s ever…

Monkey Bar

Rooftop bar with a lively atmosphere, amazing city views and great drinks. What more can you ask of a bar?!
{Strolling along the remnants of Berlin Wall}
{Inside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church}
{By one of my favourite pictures EVER,  Amor Victorious by Carravagio at Gemäldegalerie. It is an amazing feeling to finally see the masterpiece you have admired for years!!!}{Pergamonmuseum}

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