First Day in Tanzania


My First Day in Tanzania

These are my favourite pictures that I took yesterday from my jeep on the way to and from Ngorongoro crater: a rather tiring three-hour car journey each way, but how colourful and fascinating, don’t you agree?! So many people go to East Africa to do safaris, but so few actually pass through real villages and towns and witness the daily lives of the locals.

I passed through two vibrant towns: first Mto wa Mbu, whose name means “River of Mosquitoes”, followed by Karatu. However,  what fascinated me the most, were the Maasai wondering about with thier flocks of cattle and their round houses in the distance.

The Maasai are the semi-nomadic people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. I could not take my eyes of these graceful people, draped in beautiful sheets of brilliant colours. These sheets are traditionally worn wrapped around the body, one over each shoulder, then a third over the top of them. Their bodies were adorned with a myriad of beaded jewellery.

It would be such a dream to one day go to this part of Africa to photograph these people going about their daily lives!

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9 responses to “First Day in Tanzania”

  1. Olga says:

    Is it dangerous for foreigners to pass through local towns there? High risk to get robbed?

  2. Yes I’m agree with you to vote to those picture. The village looks like ideal.. How far is the village from nearest town

  3. Completely agree with you- see hundreds of photos of people on safari but hardly near as many of local villages and people. You take absolutely lovely shots! I’ve never been to Africa, but it’s photos like this that make me yearn to visit!

    • Olga says:

      thank you, Robyn! I wish I could have more time to explore the villages and towns…On a side note, their bananas are some of the best ones I have ever tasted!

  4. Jessica says:

    Great shots you got there! You truly captured the inner core of the place!

    Jessica |

  5. Amazing vibrant pictures, Olga! That one with the sofas is super cool!

  6. jamie-lee says:

    Oh my gosh your photos are just incredible! I have a friend who similarly when he travels, takes photos of the people and I’ve never seen more engaging and captivating images. Just love this. Hope you are having an incredible time x

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