Roaming with Deer in Richmond Park


Richmond Park is such an other-wordly place for London and such a joy to visit if, like me, you feel somewhat deprived of nature and wildlife.

This post is from my spontaneous visit to Richmond Park one afternoon this week – the sun was  for once unexpectedly (intermittently) shining and I wanted to make the most of the last rays of summer sunshine… In addition, starting about now is the best time to visit this wild park since it is the beginning of the breeding season for the deer!


Richmond Park is a nature reserve and the largest of London’s Royal Parks with over 600 red and fallow deer freely roaming about. Richmond Park was originally founded as a deer hunting park, and throughout centuries, these gorgeous animals played a major role in the park’s history and landscape. Autumn is the most exciting time to visit Richmond park, as you will see the deer rut – the large males bugle and clash antlers in a dramatic way in an attempt to fight off rivals and attract as many females as possible.


I absolutely love Richmond Park, because it is an oasis of wilderness in a very close proximity to London – once you have set your foot within the limits of the park, you instantly feel far removed from the incessant hustle and bustle of the city.DSC06734Meandering gently through the park – the largest of all the London Royal Parks –  you will come across herds of deer grazing, ponds softly glistening in the late afternoon sunshine, luscious groves of trees of all shapes and sizes, and flocks of exotic parrots flying overhead. And my favourite thing of all: noticeable scarcity of people as compared to many other parks in the city!

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  1. Angasa says:

    It’s always nice to get away from it all for moments of tranquility.

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