Carlton Guldsmeden, Oslo, Review


Carlton Guldsmeden hotel, Oslo

Carton Guldsmeden is a gem of a hotel and must be one of Oslo’s best-kept secrets: beautiful décor, cool vibe, quiet location, and a great value! Travelling in Norway does not come cheap: 40NK for a coffee (£4) and 250NK (£25) for a 10-minute cab drive. So the fact that the Carlton Hotel is such a great value comes as a breath of fresh Norwegian air!!


I booked a room at the Carlton following the recommendation from my younger brother, who stayed there last summer. He told me that he chose it because of all the animal hides that decorated the rooms (on beds and as upholstery on armchairs and sofas). I have a real weakness for animal pelts, so I was instantly sold.  In hindsight, I think I should have brought my reindeer pelt that I purchased in Nordkapp a couple of days earlier to add a personal touch to my room. Unfortunately, I had put it in storage at Oslo airport, as it was bulky and smelt rather strongly of a reindeer.


Just a few things that really stood out about the hotel: the beautiful, big bathtub in my huge bathroom; a really comfortable double bed with soft silky bed linen; the reception also functioning as a bar serving organic wines and healthy snacks; organic, sustainable toiletries; and a delicious breakfast buffet.


Bathtubs are essential in hotels, because I usually spend hours walking around cities and always end up with aching legs and back, and my favourite thing to do is to have a nice long soak after a day out. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I also often judge hotels by their breakfast buffet, and breakfast at Carlton was excellent: a nice selection of fresh breads; eggs, both perfectly soft-boiled and hard-boiled; cheeses, jams and excellent peanut butter; freshly cut fruits; and delicious coffee, amongst many other things.


The hotel is located in a quiet, residential area, away from all the hustle and bustle, and a mere 15-minute leisurely stroll from the city’s main square. All in all, this hotel did not feel like a three star hotel, but rather much more.


I will be adding this hotel to my list of Top 10 Hotel I have ever stayed in (I will be writing a post on it in the upcoming weeks). And I will certainly stay there again if I come back to Oslo. I paid around 1300 NOK/a night for a double room, including breakfast. Link HERE.





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  1. Oslo is really a great place but I like your photo shot for those clearness.
    Good shot.

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