Brighton: England’s Exuberant Seaside Resort


Sometimes, you do not need to look far for a weekend getaway…

The other day I decided to go down to Brighton for a couple of days.  I was feeling somewhat nostalgic about summers that I spent in East Sussex as a child, and after a 14-year break, I felt like it was time to re-visit a town that I have so many fond memories of…


Brighton, situated on the England’s south coast, is nowadays one of the most exciting seaside resorts, full of energy and life, as well as being historically important and fascinating! Brighton became increasingly popular in the 18th as a health resort for bathing in and drinking seawater since it was a purported cure for a myriad of illnesses. In the early 19th century, Prince George, later King George IV,  who was exceptionally fond of Brighton, built the Royal Pavilion, a wonderfully eccentric summer residence – a must-see attraction for anyone who comes to Brighton – thus cementing Brighton’s status as the most fashionable seaside resort in England.


Brighton is such an exceptionally easy and convenient getaway from London: a mere 50-minute train journey from central London. Consequently, it is very popular with day-trippers from the capital, which, I suppose, might be a little overwhelming on a hot, summer’s day…


Here are a few of my personal tips if you are planning on a getaway in Brighton (and trust me, you ought!)

Where to Stay: The Artist’s Residence

Fabulous and quirky boutique hotel on Regent’s square, a two-minute stroll from the beach. Every room has been designed by a different artist thus making it a fun, arty space. Some rooms overlook the sea, which is, of course, a welcome bonus. In addition, the Artist’s Residence serves the most delicious, hearty, a la carte breakfast! Full review and lots of photos of the hotel are coming soon.


What to do:

Brighton is all about enjoying the city by the sea, so…

  • Stroll along the bustling, seemingly endless promenade.
  • Go down to the famous pebble beach, make yourself comfortable on one of the many striped deck-chairs and soak up the sun.
  • Enjoy a bite of seafood, an ice-cream, a coffee or a glass of bubbly in one of the many cafes and restaurants lining the promenade.
  • Brighton is also perfect for rambling: there are many winding streets and alleys with a plethora of interesting nooks and corners, where you will across small charming shops, art galleries and tea houses.

DSC_6318 copy

What to see:

Brighton Pier – unleash your inner child whilst wandering around the legendary and vibrant Brighton Pier, completed in 1899: go on fun fairground rides, get temporary henna tattoos, and gorge on candy floss and other old-school sweets.


Royal Pavilion – you cannot miss this outlandish summer residence, built by Prince George in the early 19th century, notable for its oriental appearance both on the outside and the inside. The Royal Pavilion is England’s finest example of then exceptionally popular and exotic chinoserie decorative style. The most splendid rooms are the huge, dragon-themed banqueting hall, and the stunning, red-coloured music room with the plushest of carpets.  The relatively restrained and neutral building facade does not represent the splendour of the palace’s interior that you are about to immerse yourself in.


Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – for an hour or two of art, head to Brighton’s main art gallery, located in the Royal Pavilion gardens.


Where to Eat: Riddle & Finns

Why not indulge in delicate oysters and some bubbly (two of my all- time favourite things) by the beach if you are in town?  This lovely champagne and oyster bar (and all other things seafood), has two outposts: one housed in the historical arches of the promenade, which also offers alresco dining, and another tucked away in one of Brighton’s little alleys!

DSC_6984 copy

And here are some pretty photos, which I hope will inspire you to add Brighton to your bucket list!


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  1. LEJA says:

    These pictures are amazing and I love how you did this post. You howed us what to see, where to eat… Great post and the pictures are perfect.


  2. Brighton looks lovely! I’m really liking the deck chairs <3 I haven't had a chance to go to Brighton yet but hopefully very soon 🙂 xx

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