Askham Hall: Staying in an 800-Year-Old Manor House

_DSC9160Have you ever stayed in an 800-year-old Manor house? A perfect destination, if you are looking for a romantic, secluded getaway with a pinch of history!

Lake District was such an unexpected lovely surprise – we often overlook exploring our country’s backyards since the rest of the world seems so much more exotic! – all-encompassing magnificent mountainous scenery, fantastic and challenging hiking opportunities, a proliferation of gorgeous flowers, wonderful boutique hotels and delicious food._DSC8861Out of all the pleasant Lake District surprises staying at Askham Hall was a major highlight: an imposing family house for centuries past very recently converted into a luxurious 12-room boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant helmed by Richard Swale, who has previously worked at Noma in Copenhagen and a string of other renowned restaurants. The hotel is the brainchild of Charlie Lowther, the current owner of the Lowther Estate and a zealous foodie and restaurateur.

_DSC9200Askham Hall, and its bucolic setting in the beautiful 40 acres of land in the charming village of Askham, is the perfect place to relax both in the sunshine and the rain. Staying here could not feel further from staying in a hotel – regardless of the renovations, the manor house feels very old and authentic.

_DSC8705The wonky floors add an age-old charm. The firm and wide bed offered a comfortable sleep. The mullioned windows afforded splendid views of the surrounding fells and the exquisite gardens at the foot of the manor, and the broad windowsill was the perfect setting for contemplation about life and other things whilst gazing dreamily out. Or for drinking some English sparkling wine.

_DSC8943Ashkam Hall is attached to Lowther Castle and Gardens, a monumental Neo-Gothic edifice, abandoned shortly before the second world war and now under-reconstruction with the help of generous funding from various contributors.

_DSC9072And here is the shell of the castle itself…imposing, isn’t it?_DSC9332At Askham Hall, You do feel like you are a personal guest of the Lowthers. This has been the family home, since the castle itself was abandoned in the late 1930s.  The shared area downstairs is an eclectic mix of old and new: antique furniture and family heirlooms are brought up to date with modern artworks collected by Charlie Lowther’s wife, Juno.

_DSC9062And then of course there is the fantastic restaurant, the centrepiece of the whole establishment, run by chef Richard Swale. A small, cosy, light-filled space with an open kitchen allowing the patrons to catch fleering glimpses of the talented young chef at work._DSC9088-2The emphasis is put on fresh, local ingredients, many of which are grown in the sprawling hotel grounds or at Lowther Estate, and often-changing menus make the most of what is in season. During our dinner every single plate a taste sensation, the next course even better than the last. This is fine, yet unpretentious dining at its best  – on par with what London has to offer (I am talking the Ledbury and Fera here). I would even say it is on par with world-famous L’Enclume, where we lunched en route to Askham Hall. The presentation of the food was absolutely stunning: just look at all the mouth-watering dishes I ate – actually more like devoured – below.


And the culinary magician concocting those irresistible, edible works of art… _DSC9141

There was also an honesty bar stocked with a dizzying array of bottles, champagne and wine included. Get yourself a scotch and stretch out on the armchair next to the fireplace.

Another highlight for me were the gorgeous gardens…

_DSC8714_DSC8986And some more of my favourite shots…_DSC8845_DSC9207 _DSC8804 _DSC9011_DSC9191_DSC8923_DSC9079_DSC9163_DSC9023_DSC9170_DSC9251_DSC9103_DSC8746_DSC9060 _DSC9031 _DSC9029 _DSC9033

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  1. Olga says:

    I felt relaxed and refreshed just from reading this review – can only imagine how zen-like it really is staying there! Such a wonderful place and the way you talk about it is just pierced with delight! I love that!

  2. Erica says:

    Wow, such a gorgeous location! Hope you had a lovely time dear 🙂


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