Review: Artist Residence, Brighton


Review: Artist Residence hotel, Brighton

I knew I was going to like my hotel in Brighton (full Bright post here), as soon as I saw the door painted the loveliest shade of pale pink with THE ARTIST RESIDENCE written above it. The building itself was otherwise undistinguishable from others surrounding the historical Regency Square…


Despite my prevailing good feelings about the hotel, the Artist Residence was nevertheless such a charming surprise as soon as I set my foot inside! Immediately after you pass through the doorway, you are enveloped in the hotel’s quirky, yet homely ambience. The hotel reception is right in the middle of the large downstairs café facing the sea, an amalgamation of a coffee bar and a front desk. Perfect for a famished, tired traveller like me: you can check in and grab a slice of cake and a steaming cup of coffee at the same time!

DSC_6896 copy

Artist Residence is located in Regency Square, facing the haunting skeleton of the of the iconic West pier, a few minutes’ walk from the city centre and its accompanying attractions. With just twenty three bedrooms, the hotel is small and cosy, perfect for either a solitary or romantic getaway… There are two types of rooms: Artist Rooms and House Rooms. The former have had their walls vibrantly painted by local and international artists, whereas the latter are decorated in vintage Regency style, limited edition prints hanging on the walls, and furnished with reclaimed furniture. I had one of the wonderful House Rooms, with large windows allowing for plenty of light and a private little terrace with a small table and a couple of chairs, perfect for sipping a cup of coffee whilst basking in the morning sun. My favourite feature of the room was the huge vintage gramophone next to my bed!


Breakfast is served a la carte and is absolutely scrumptious! You have a choice of breakfast classics such as mini full English, American style pancakes, scrambled eggs, house-made granola, and other delicious things.  If you book directly though the hotel website, breakfast is complementary; otherwise it is an extra £7.50, and includes coffee, tea and freshly squeezed orange juice. I decided to go for the fluffy America-style pancakes serves with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and sliced banana: delicious, filling start to the day! There is also a lovely bar, called the Cocktail Shack, which unfortunately I was too exhausted to visit in the evening, but which I feel would have been a great source evening fun otherwise…

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  1. I think this room is absolutely gorgeous! x

  2. Claire says:

    This hotel looks spectacular – and those pancakes to die for!!

  3. Emilie says:

    Gorgeous pictures and it looks fantastic!

  4. Anita says:

    So much inspiration in these photographs, loved it!
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    Travel Stories: Phase ‘LONDON’


  5. Those red leather sofas are everything!

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  6. Ash says:

    Love everything about this. x

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