Bhutan with Amankora Part 3: Bhumtang


Continued from here (Intro) and here (Gangtey)

Amankora Bhumtang was the most remote Amankora lodge we visited, reachable either by a full-day’s drive or a short flight. Just like the other lodges, this property is simply elegant, combining Bhutanese traditional charm with clean Western design.

_dsc1586My favourite thing about this lodge was the fact that Amankora Bumthang shares its grounds with an active monastery, which allowed us to observe the monks going about their daily routines, as well as a former Palace, which is currently being restored. The whole property was a playground for a handful of adorable stray dogs, which as a rule are plentiful in Bhutan.
_dsc1729-copyOne day we went on a hike through the nearby villages, stopping in a idyllic farmhouse for traditional Bhutanese lunch cooked by a charming grandmother in authentic surroundings, who prepared local specialities from local products.

_dsc2094Afterwards, I learnt how to make simple but scrumptious khabzeys, bhutanese biscuits, which come in many colours and patterns, often shaped like flowers, hearts, knots.

_dsc2161The “downtown” of neighbouring Jakar is clean and charming and great for people watching, going about their daily chores in traditional costumes.

A few more shots from Bhumtang…amakora bhumtang_dsc1575-copy _dsc1432-copy_dsc1843 _dsc1598 _dsc1718_dsc1851_dsc1719 _dsc2079 _dsc2173-copy_dsc2208_dsc2238amakora bhumtangamakora bhumtang _dsc2223 _dsc1653_dsc1657_dsc2224 _dsc1639_dsc1732 _dsc1594

_dsc1653_dsc2142_dsc2210 _dsc2197 _dsc2153_dsc1603 _dsc1642

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